lundi 11 juillet 2011

am lost all the way long, David Lynch

 Self distraction is such a hard task.I drew and kissed my drawings, read witchcraft books, changed clothes, scared my self,styled my hair a 1000²² time,slept and went out under this blazing sun,put on different lipstick colors...But it's in vain,I can't take off some specific stagnant thoughts from my head...So,I surrender to idleness and to mental chaos (also known as restless thoughtful mind syndrome).

Tuning to :                                    Cult Of Luna- Back To Chapel Town 

 descending to this :                    Explosions in the Sky -Your hand in mine

and then to this( listening to it the whole day) :

                                                       The Sisters of Mercy- This corrosion 

and finally uprising :
                                                             Ayreon- Isis and Osiris 


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