dimanche 3 juillet 2011

Just updating

I really wish I had a camera,right now. I have a lot of things to photograph,to showcase,to share...The feeling of trying to do something,but your hands are tied is quite awful.
Am working,these days, on making some hand-made clutches,such as these (these are not mine,but am just showing how mine will approximately look like.Of course am using different conceptions based on my own taste and designs)

That's why am in desperate need of a camera,so I can take shots of my miserable crafts...agh,what so ever !

" Where are we in your self-destruction mission? "
Well, nothing harmful happened these days, my knee have finally recovered,am walking again. A part from that,no plans,no visions,no motivation...totally empty.Hopefully,there are small things in life that might turn your day from a disastrous one into a heavenly splendid one, such as these songs (thanks S.B) :

and any Oxford picture can delight me...

Photos: Tumblr.com 


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