mercredi 27 juillet 2011



" Quand la lumière est opalisé, la confiture est périmée, les factures sont en amas sous ton chandelier.
Disparais !" 

Moving on to something more "serious"...
Some people/acquaintances all around me are giving me the impression that am such an interesting study case in psychology. Definitely honored but am quite sure that small misunderstandings happens a lot when I meet new persons. As I said before and will always mention it from now on, I do not disrespect anyone just because I don't engage myself in a proper conversation with him/her (mostly a "him").I would gladly do when there is something to talk to you about, or when I would love to get to know you more,or when I feel like talking or when you're a really close friend of mine. "Silent" me doesn't mean "under drugs/sick/weird/looking like your grandma/what ever comparison people make" me and it absolutely doesn't mean that am feeling superior or such.
Truly, socializing seems to be an obligation to me,but I somehow enjoy it.I rarely make the first moves.
However, when I have/ being obliged to (under various circumstances),I just have to.
Now,hope we're clear !

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  1. j'ai bcp aimé (surtout la 1iere photo)tu ne cesses de m'étonner bonne continuation ned


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