lundi 25 juillet 2011




I have made these ambergris based tiny flower and olive shaped earrings. They smell so good too ! I admit that it's a nice accomplishment so far. Well the thing is that I don't like earrings at all,but this is obviously an exception ( they smell so good,aww).
However, we (sist and I) keep receiving earrings,bracelets and rings as gifts, and it just happens that I don't like any of the further items. But I do like taking shots of colorful accessories and matching them with my so unwanted pink curtain ( my bad for letting others doing the curtain choice for me).Moan moan moan,that's all am good at so far too. 

 Aw,this is my necklace.I needed to capture it,it is so...ethereal. 


2 commentaires:

  1. Ces bijoux sont adorables ! Coup de coeur pour ton collier !

  2. i like all these things...beautiful :)


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