lundi 16 mai 2011


Initial singularity...
This term is used to describe the (t=0) moment of the universe,before the big bang.The initial singularity has no determined nature just yet (Bogdanov twins are working on it : huge and seductive equations are mainly published in their book "Bogdanov's equation").
I,myself, couldn't stop thinking about its nature. What can this first and ultimate thing , that have had caused the expansion of the universe, be? A string ? Bigger....A quark? Bigger....An electron ?
In front of this enigma,we are all wonderer in Mr.Nobody's land. There are those who won't quit until understanding the cosmos' mysteries,even with very basic tools,with very simple exclamations and stares. Whereas,there are those who "enjoys a dish without bothering themselves to ask for its ingredients".
Getting back to electrons.Am afraid I would came up with this following conclusion after asking this :

- What are we made of?
-- Flesh and blood.
--molecules ?
-Keep going
-- atoms and electrons.
Now stop : If electrons doesn't exist,neither will molecules. The bond between an atom and another atom is basically a Sigma or a Pi bond. What are these people?
Sigma Ϭ  bond is  a combination between two different or similar orbitals. Same thing goes for π but it is a bit different for this bond.Anyway,an orbital is a mathematical function that describes the wave-like behavior of one or a pair of electrons in an atom. Now hear me out, if the bond between two atoms is just a mathematical function that is in a way or another nonexistent...then I would jump straightly to say : What are we?
We are made of...electrons and illusionary bonds. How splendid is this ?
This personal and basically random discovery have made my day. This shows that : if you can prove something scientifically and its end up relevant,then no power may equalize science ( though it's not always the case,as for understanding the nature of time, the existence of God,etc...)
Now,let's feature some of the prettiest pictures of the universe,planets ,stars and of course the cuteness Aurora Borealis:

 At last, when I stare at the sky in very late hours of the day, I become grateful for one thing :  for not being the only "something" that is hard to understand...

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