mardi 10 mai 2011


I admit that I don't have any interesting content to add to my blog recently ; something besides "me moaning about anything that is in motion on planet Earth". 
I have just heard this sentence,coming from the closest person : 

" You are terribly careless ! I have never met someone like you,ever !" 

Not sure about the way I should deal with this : in either way, it is so unfortunately true (I hate the part in which I admit some of my shitty behavior) 
I probably should start giving a less attention to my nail's length (for example) and care about my health.

However,wish you all a great week ( yeah we can still wish that on Tuesday) 

1 commentaire:

  1. Tu as un très joli blog! On devient membre pour te lire régulièrement !

    Afaf & Marwa


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