lundi 23 mai 2011

Do I have to go through this again

 Do I have to go through this week? Can't I just jump to the next immediately?
I keep hanging around,from a bed to another bed,doing nothing and staring at nothing.At some point I wish I could sleep like 24/7. Unfortunately, it is not allowed.At least,during this period of time.
As you can see,I have no more camera so now the only thing that allows me to make photos is my 1.3M webcam.That's okay though,I won't complain about that now.
However,let's see what happened while I was taking these :
Photo 1 : I heard a weird voice.It was like someone dragging a huge and a heavy something.And it happens to be true. Neighbors!
Photo2: Hearing it again...but there am focusing.I thought someone was coming...footsteps.
Photo 3: It happens that I try to tear out my clavicle.I may succeed in doing that one day.
Photo 4 : Do I really need to stay awake ?
No !
Let's get some eternal sleep.

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