jeudi 5 mai 2011 love and hate for you are infinite

Pink...I have found (after long hours of hide & seek in my wardrobe) this velvet pink blouse. I might just ask myself a hundred of times the following silly exclamatory clause:  Do I like this color ?
I have no problems in wearing colors,but I get extremely picky and selective when it's about breaking the sacred blackened outfit.
It is  tender,attractive,smooth,innocent and yet feminine.However, seeing pink as a "descent" color to wear (at least for me) would certainly depends on the nuance,the fabrics,and of course the model :

- If it's a cotton shirt/t-shirt : a teen look, a "wear the first t-shirt you  find in an ordinary wardrobe" 's look, a matchy-matchy look with your boyfriend's Lacoste pink polo for a romantic date,etc...

==>  People,don't tell me later on that I haven't warned you before :  Pink T-shirts might damage/ruin your extraordinary mind and silver soul,my brain cells and sophisticated mood.

-If it's a dress/blouse: in this case,it would depends on the fabric :

   - If it's velvet/lace : a warm pink : wear it in a breezy summer night under a moonlit sky.
                                an Indian pink : wear it everywhere,anytime,anyplace ( such a powerful color)

-If it's a jacket/coat : You should try it on during Fashion weeks so you can get the "Street style" photographer's attention. As for me,I honestly can't see myself comfortable looking like a pink dot in Google earth (no thanks)

-If it's a corset/basque : Velvet/slik : definetely wear it.
                                     Latex/leather : hmm...let's say occasionally...

 Then, let's feature some favorite "pink" items :

Lily Donaldson by Nick Knight


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