dimanche 8 mai 2011

choke me not

Someone have told me : " Why you don't sign your pictures anymore? "
I eventually didn't answer this... why?
Because I would either get into a very deep argumentation that might finally lead to an unexpected consequence,or not saying a word about it (which is the case). By not saying a word,not answering questions( or answering vaguely), not talking to people in very specific circumstances, I absolutely means no disrespect.
For instance,I chose to not to answer such questions because the way I percept it is way dissimilar than the way the asker is interpreting it.
He is pretty much looking for a simple and yet,random answer (curiosity ? Maybe) and I totally admit that there is no harm in answering this. But...
Pictures,photography,other's appreciations,art theft,etc...pops up all in a sudden when I get similar questions.
 And then I start to think; does that person really cares about my photographs getting stolen or what ?
Let me,dear sweet readers,tell you something about this :

- If someone would one day dare to steal my photographs and use them without any kind of permission, let that someone be certain that I won't sue him.But I would pity him instead.

- If someone thinks that I blindly and automatically sign my pictures,or even care about such superficial and substitutionary things in art,I would ironically say : How cute!

Something else...the word " artist " is getting thinner in value and wider in use. What a loss !

Another someone have told me too :" What is an artist for you, Nedra ? "

I said :" I can't define it...I can see it and strongly feel it when it comes by.Am not an artist,and I won't become an artist. I just can't reach it...(optimistically adding) yet."
The horrifying part of this,is that I can't stop seeing in other's photo-albums :" lovely pics,you're such an artist". I wish I can pretend that I haven't seen it...too bad am not a good pretender.
It,personally,chokes me !
I know that everyone is having his own perception on art,he is definitely free to comment and criticize... But I eventually end up saying : How would the world look like if everyone is thinking the same way as I do? "
This won't be answered...
I admit that I over-think,as well as I admit that one day,my over-thinking and extended imagination would lead me to...a very unpleasant end.

Photos: myself
Models: 1st picture : myself again
              6th picture: Dhouha.A


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