samedi 1 septembre 2012

Back-to-school : ready or not ?

Okay...( I wrote "okay" and then I burst into laughing ! Am such a psycho)

Back-to-school tag. Am quite sure that you've been seeing this tag, a lot, lately.Well let's face it, summer is gone, fall is coming ahead, books and pens are ready to be used again, dusty class rooms will get populated again, halls will get revived after a long summer break, and so on.

Personally, am not much of a fan of school because at some point, I was about to be home-schooled, but things didn't work out well. However, it's always great to learn things.No matter how shitty or boring the tutor is. Stuffing (I mean it in a good way) your brain with a lot of information that you might use/apply in your daily life, at a certain extend, is actually a good thing people, a "bonus" as in video-games.My love and hate for maths, physics and chemistry is infinite. It just happens that I love these subjects. It somehow adds another dimension to the process of "life :understanding & analyzing". For instance, when you learn chemistry, they teach you that the air is made of infinite amount of  gas molecules. Untouchable objects ; true, but the theory confirms it all. Life is just a huge big shitty hole of various molecules ! That's my conclusion, so far. Or probably, that's how I see it.

In this entry, I just decided to make it a bit different.Will be featuring a lot of things...

Back-to-school inspired fashion : a selection of backpacks :

Some interesting DIY ideas : 

A music selection : 

And that's all for tonight, folks :) 

Cheers !

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