dimanche 16 septembre 2012

Monday Blues

Tomorrow is  Monday...

Who doesn't hate Mondays ? I presume that, all the human beings, like myself, would dislike waking up early, getting dressed and heading to work/school. I just don't feel like waking up tomorrow.

What if I fall in a supermassive black hole, during my dreams, and I never wake up ? That's a great alternative  ! Now, let's imagine the hole.

Never mind people, it was me just being the silly me. A couple of days ago, London Fashion Week opened its Somerset House doors. Therefore, am going to share my favorite looks with you guys. Starting with these sandals from Acne : 

Printed tee : a must have in every girl's wardrobe

Some impressive Boho/chic street style, from Topshop : 

B&W prints and pinky hair => rockabilly : 

M.A.C make-up for Vivienne Westwood : 

Okay, Cara Delevingne (behind the model) is a miracle : 

Details at Matthew Williamson : 

Jac with a green leather jacket : *bliss*

" You and what Army "  : 

Ah ! Now yay for PFW. Those photos were tagged under #lfw, in Tumblr.com.

Talk to you soon, people !


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