lundi 27 août 2012

unbelievable but true

It's just so weird how things can change in a while...
Things you have never expected to happens...have genuinely happened.
As if you were following a certain curve, which is your own paradigm on life, and then a sudden twist take you away from that same curve, and land you, on a red rose's petal.

Obstacles have suddenly disappeared, bitter past and unsolved issues have come apart within a second...was I dreaming ?  The only thing that have been stopping me from moving forward with my whole life, have simply vanished. It wasn't magic though ! I needed a huge slap from reality to wake the hell up, and take control of my own feelings. And that slap was a deep look in The eyes, a small exchange of insignificant words and a realistic mind. It's all gone ! Feeling as a new born is incredible, especially when you quickly fall between someone else's arms. And, especially when that "someone else" is the one that owes you a lot, that cared about you and secretly cherished you despite all of the inconvenient circumstances and the ethical values that came across his way.

Now I feel like breathing again, like loving again and being a human being...again.
Take care !

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