jeudi 24 février 2011

Where the cold roses grow

Spending days without catching any light is making me feel addicted to photography. Is it a bad or a good doesn't matter as long as it attract me to this Universe.It's my personal gravity.
What may entertain me whilst? GIFS!



I have made that necklace. Well, it's not that difficult to make,just grab a silky lace and a catchy pendant and that's it! What do I get next to say?
Oh,one more thing...I have been thinking about either writing about this on my blog,or just keeping it for myself.And finally,I thought it wasn't fear enough...So here is it:
I somehow and unconsciously give bad impressions about myself.Am not really going into details but impressions like: superior,having a cold and a shitty attitude toward people,and such things...
Am neither superior,nor cold. Unless we call a very silent person these days as cold,I would accept this misunderstanding with an open-heart.
To be honest with everyone,am not much of a talker.I somehow like keeping my mouth shut when all of the mouths are wide open,spitting words.It doesn't mean that I don't have any opinion to give,but...I don't have that urge to do so,especially when I turn misanthrope from time to more of a someone who pretty much may fall unconscious in any second.So people really need to understand this : not talking to you,or talking wihtout showing any enthusiasm doesn't make me hate you or disgust you. Not at all! I love keeping everything silent around me
I may be not close enough to you (not that familiar),or am not used to you around me...But it's far away from seeming careless,I assure you! Most time,I let people discovering me,let's say,I love letting people discovering me.I mean what's the point from just spitting everything out? Where is the fucking fun in that? I love playing,don't you?
I sometimes dare to shut you up,but I don't mean it in a bad way...Am sorry if it's difficult to deal with me,but for those who are trying : Keep trying,I won't fail you...

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