mercredi 23 février 2011


I have always asked this when I first wake-up: Do I really (and I insist on "really") have to wake-up and go face the daily things? I spend more time choosing between wake-up and stay asleep than choosing my outfit for the day! And as you can see it's 7am and I haven't decided yet!
Anyway,I have been watching this tiny short-film made by Zoe Cassavetes for Miu Miu 's new collection.And I have to spit it that it's a hell of an amazing way to showcase the items.
It would always fascinates me when there is always a story about clothes. Despite its shortness, I indeed liked it : Models were so into there roles,the Claridges is a wonderful place to shoot at. Not to mention Miu Miu's  dresses and high heels.It was a nice move,really!
Here is a link to the video: The Powder Room
favourite dresses and shoes :



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