lundi 7 février 2011

just saying

Something else....
(yeah I woke up in rage today)
I have stopped following local news,interviews,meetings with bloody ministers. Why the hell would I do that? I don't have enough energy to waste it hearing nonsense,babble statements.People had and (still do)  have high expectations about the elected ministers.I mean haven't you people ever heard that after every ascension,there is a must-going-through shitty alight during which "I disagree" and " Am disappointed" are the most heard clauses?
We are definitely there.In fact,everything is not "okay",it's more likely an adaptation season.
Am just saying that there will be time for everything,as we had time for a change,we can have time for a better upgrade.There is no need to shout and be hysteric about anything that doesn't fit in your feet.Let the government,first of all,fix commercials and economical issues and then comes politics.
If you don't give a shit about politics,just carry on not giving any about it.
I mean now everyone is super-psychic about the future of this territory...
Mind your own business,take care of your own family,work hard and pursue your damned studies. Perhaps ,one day,you'll be the one to count on.

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