mardi 21 décembre 2010

Night Inspiration I

What keeps me alive?

-Curiosity as a matter of fact...the unbelievable desire of  knowledge (never get tired of asking : What's next?)
- Beauty ( Movie quote: "there is so much beauty to quit...")
- These:

- The unbelievable desire I of stepping into Coco Chanel's world:

- my surroundings: objects I want to have/see,persons I want to know,places I want to be in...

- mysticism and mysteries:

- My sister (sist &  I in the photo-taken by S.Hajji) :

- Good memories and cheerful moments: (such as these):

                        Get away right now! (screaming me)
Who doesn't love Jozeph?

                                    kick some ass!

      My very long hair

 a hell of a family!

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