mardi 21 décembre 2010

madness exists

- You're mad!
- Thaaaanks!

What are these?
well...nothing and everything...Do you have enough oxygen around to read and understand that? Good for you and for both us,maybe am right,maybe you'll think that am delusional or somehow crazy.But I just want to tell you something,there is no harm in trying to figure out least am trying,okay? Talk for yourself people- who lives with no reason.*kidding :D*
All right...mathematically and physically speaking,these aren't based on facts,but on suppositions.Otherwise,I wouldn't be able to work this out.Anyways,don't ask yourself a lot of questions while reading it,it maybe a non-sense reckless something...but who knows.Daaamn,I don't dare to say that these are correct!
am nut!
am out===>

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