dimanche 5 décembre 2010

contest video: Dis-crime in nation

Am not quite sure if this video is working or not...but anyways,here is a link to see it fully in myspace:  [link]
So,let's get things clear in here: this is not a professional short-film/video or what so ever some guys may label it.It's a video,just a simple one made with very primitive tools and restricted abilities in video retouching,etc...
I am mainly participating in a contest with this work.Not hoping for anything,and not thinking of winning at all,I just wanted to do it so bad...I have always wanted to try EVERYTHING in life...So I could tell know that short-films making is already ticked in my list...Let's say that there is a lot to be ticked in there :D
However,it's a great experience,in which I have discovered my abilities in other domains. 
AND,I shouldn't forget to thanks again all of those who have participated in this,and put a hand in this video.
Some photos from the video:

1 commentaire:

  1. Good job Nedra! I especially appreciated the dialogues :D
    You say it's not professional, but it looks like that (at least, to a non arab speaking not-involved-in-shortcuts gonzo as i am.
    So, the SECOND place in the contest is certainly yours! :)
    Good luck!


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