dimanche 19 décembre 2010

holidayz (yeah right)

I proudly announce the end of my daily zip in/zip out to my home.Holidays have just started in here,let us say everywhere.  
Well,I certainly need a schedule for these two weeks.And I would better stick to it.Otherwise,am partially screwed. Studying ====> [Default]
               Others====> [Default²²²] 

What do you wanna do now?
- sleep..zzzZZ
-tidy up my hell of a closet -_-
- Do something instead of nothing
- make plans for future attempt and I have to swear on its secrecy. 
-stop visiting Joey lee 's FB profile and sharing his videos.
-Do something instead of nothing~~ AGAIN.

-Smoking some dynamites
-thinking of you
- Stop ~thinking of you
- You : people in pain all around the world (real pain please -_-)

-Am the  غول
-Which one?

-Of your dreams...

-Yeah right -_-'"

Photos: Nedra.J


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