jeudi 23 décembre 2010

I had a dream that looked like...a nightmare

Once upon a time,a princess was laying down...dreaming! 

Suddenly,she woke up! She thought that someone was calling: " My Queen! My Queen!" 

None was there.So she tried to get back to her magnificent dream.

She heard it once again. The Queen have got up.She tried to look for the source of this unbearable whisperings.

But...She was dreaming that she was dreaming.
"It's time my Queen,it's time to forsake this miserable world.Say goodbye to your wealth"
Oh...poor Queen! It was time for her to die.Ankoù was howling around.

"At last you enter the electric castle...
here in this vast hall , where even shadow fears the light you lmust confront your past...
if you have killed ...beware the gathering of spirits "

Ayreon-Castle hall

Photo/model/MUA: nedra

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