mercredi 25 juillet 2012


 لا حولا...

We owe some dude the copyright of this word, but it's so catchy, efficient, and perfect for multiple miserable life-sick situations that you can't...easily get rid of it.
Anyways, just another random post until I get my shit together and move on (actively, not passively) with my life. However, I somehow decided to lecture my self these days. The AV (audio visual) world is a wide one to peacefully explore, as long as am staying home. So, as you can see through the pictures above, am learning (art history, production, special effects, etc...). Yay, what a funny summer !
Oh trust me, I don't enjoy my summer as most of the people do : sun, beach, parties, and that RI9. Reading, discovering, and learning is quite tempting though.And mostly, entertaining myself may comes in terms of home-lectures, online tutorials...Let's say in a quite geeky way (at least for these days hein, you might never know when I turn into a moody/lazy/sleepaholic person). am inventing words ! Enough dear for the night, go chill away !
Cheers people !

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