jeudi 5 juillet 2012

everything else is opinion

It's hideous to face the truth 
it's hideous to recon that you're not meant to live in peace (unless you have weed), and that you're born to deal with jerks and spend your miserable life giving advice about relationships while you can't handle your own shit.
I can't seem to find the right adjective to describe this, but it's...ugly ! It's ugly to receive misjudgment from persons who are meant to be the closest ones to my bloody self.

Life continue, we shut the damn phone for a day...and we move on !
Am gathering my shit together and making a post of my new likes...yeah I still breath :) 

I want to camp in a dim forest,walk barefoot on wet dirt, and chase status...

Men, women's tears are made of gold....Beware
(Gustav Klimt's painting)

It feels...

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