jeudi 12 juillet 2012

لن يمروا

Am having this Ipod, this genius Ipod...that plays the suitable song that goes with your temporary mood.
And this Oasis song have been played at the exact right time...when I literally needed to stop crying my heart out. That's why am starting the entry with that title. Story told * breath in breath out*
About the photos. Those are people I've recently been acquainted to and now am so in love with each one of them that am ready to share their drunk-head pictures (got it ? No ? Me neither).
No Pasaran Production is like a mute gun. An efficient war weapon, with a leader at its edge, and an army surrounding it. War against corruption, injustice, oppression and censorship. However, it's actually the first time that I feel as if I was in the right place, in the right time ( that feeling, yes).

                                                            They shall not pass...

That's what '" No Pasaran" actually means.And we're making sure that they wouldn't, don't, and won't.
An obsession that grows deep inside, a sentence that you repeat over and over, a restless thoughtful mind syndrome...a cure to eyes wide shut !

So, wake up people ! Don't let anyone pass but over your dead body.Scream out loud to whoever is demolishing humanity and human values, to whoever is ruining one's life-balance, they shall not pass...No Pasaran !

Cheers !

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