dimanche 30 novembre 2014

Night at the museum

Hello lovely ghosts of Ashrare,

I do finally admit that I suck at blogging lately. I have a lot of images to upload and retouch, but I've only went through one fourth of those.Two weeks ago,  I was quite busy with my mid-terms but now I have no valid excuse.
I have an up-coming blog post about my trip to Germany, It will be live very soon.Actually, I did take lots of nice pictures in Berlin, Hamburg and Bad Bevensen and am so excited to share those with you.
However, am just gonna start with a smaller portion of images. So last Friday, I got the chance to attend the opening of a very important exhibition at Bardo National Museum (which just around the corner of my house). A tribute was paid to three fabulous German (oh so this is a German-esque kinda post) painters by celebrating the centennial of their last inspirational trip to Tunis. In 1914, Paul Klee, Louis Moilliet and Auguste Macke decided to fly across the Mediterranean, wander Tunisia and paint it the way they felt it. The colors of most of the paintings were quite vibrant, ranging from bright red to light pink with many shades of blues and yellows.
It was such a spectacular exhibition. And to top it all of, I was actually quite surprised (and extremely happy) that the renovation of Bardo National Museum was quite successful.
I do have more photos on my phone but I'll post those on Instagram @ashrare.

Did I also mention that I got the chance to interview the Tunisian Minister of Culture and so many VIPs thanks to the Zoopolis.Tv team that I stumbled upon that night. It was such an honor to hear some delightful statements from someone who fully encourages Fine Art and hopes for its future evolution in our country.
Anyway, I will catch up with you peeps later on, with another new submission, photos and music...

Take care!

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