lundi 30 septembre 2013


So first of all, hello ! These are not high quality pictures as I find it hard to bring my heavy DSLR camera everytime I take a stroll around town. However, these are phone pictures that I've cumulated during the past month. Most of these are taken around campus, in the library, downtown Laramie or in the interstate (between Colorado and Wyoming). 
It is a beautiful town, with gorgeous skies and mountains. I thought I have mentioned that before. Nevertheless, if you're not fan of liquor/partying/outdoor sports, you will probably die with a slow transcending agony in this place (as it is almost my case). In Laramie, you have pretty much nothing to do, which is kind of frustrating. Am trying to live with that for now...
"It's just a year, it's just an experience..." 
I know, but so far, it's not a pleasant one. It gets pleasant when you're around amazing people who cares about every single inch of you (and the sad part of this : they are already leaving this town). Other than that, nothing is really interesting about the American culture/lifestyle that am far away from appreciating.  
I miss my country and my people. I never thought that, one day, I am gonna say this but Tunisia/Tunisians are the best. There is something special about those North-African countries that I can't discern yet. 

I might be ending this blog post soon as I have nothing really important to mention besides the cold and the "shitiness" of the educational system in here (currently suffering from home-works and reading).

Take care, folks !

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