jeudi 5 décembre 2013

Denver, Colorado

These pictures were mainly taken two months ago in Denver Colorado. Everyone knows that I suck at keeping my blog up to date, and that is actually due to some technical problems in my computer (i need to buy a new one as soon as possible). Anyhow, words can't describe how amazing Denver was. It is just the city of happiness, of stoned heads and grassy smells. 
However, my life in Laramie was not excited at all. My daily routine consists of struggling from the crazy cold weather and trying to catch up with the amount of homework they give to us. 
Gladly, next week is gonna be finals week ! I know, I guess I am the only person who is excited about the finals in UW. But hey, I get to go back home ( to Tunisia hell yeah) on Thursday. I arrive there on Friday afternoon. I just cannot wait.
I miss everything bout home...and am not gonna complain about the American life again but one thing am certain of : it is not and will not be my cup of chai. 
I hope ( don't promise anything) that I will submit more of the photos later on this week. 

Take care y'all.


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