dimanche 31 mars 2013

World Social Forum 2013 Tunisia - Forum Social Mondial Tunisie 2013

26-30 March, 2013

Well well well...The world social forum did happen this year in Tunisia. If you're not familiar with the whole concept of the WSF, you can find numerous information if you google the name.
However, I might be that someone who will tell the story from another perspective and my points of view will remain absolutely personal.

The WSF have intrigued me since I have heard of it. Knowing that it will take place in Tunis have rather pushed a big part of me to get involved. So, I registered myself in the mailing list of the cultural commission of the Forum and started receiving their updates, attending their meetings, and suggesting my help as a volunteer.

Few days before the 26th of March, I was asked to come over at the HQ of the WSF and help out with few stuff. At first, I was quite eager to help : few things to write, to print, to send, phone calls to make, etc. Nevertheless, I have found myself doing things I would never know how to do,saying things I would never dare to say. Everything was so overwhelming, surprising, shocking, stressful, tiring... A lot of things were obviously beyond my power and knowledge like calling artists to cancel on their shows, running from a place to another, trying to make compromises, and to find solutions to certain issues.

The lack of organisation was crystal clear. Everyone was suffering from it during the bloody week. But we found ourselves in an awkward situation (myself and several friends and people I have worked with) : It was a very striking earthquake, whereas we tried to save what we could.

Feeling overwhelmed, effortless, clueless and angry was my constant mood. But what have mainly kept me there, and have prevented me from quitting were great people that I have met throughout the whole week.

The guys( Yahia and Walid) I was working with were simply fabulous, we have shared several memories together : from anger till joy, surprise till excitement, we went through it all. Still, we manage to make jokes, and laugh about the miserable situation we were stuck in.

Oh ! I forgot to mention the best part of what the job consisted of : making damn phone calls. Thank God am not deaf so far. I made around 100 phone calls/hour, which means I either receive or make a phone call every 30 seconds on a daily basis, during the WSF. It was absolutely crazy , because at some point, I started hallucinating and dreaming of phone calls... (this is why I won't pick up the phone now people, don't hate me for that,  I simply need to regain my human power again).

Now, the best part of the WSF is obviously meeting nice people that would made myday after exhausting experiences throughout the week. I am very grateful that I met some of those amazing human beings out there, and I do send special greetings and hugs to each one of them if they are reading this.

So, the first musical band that I have met were German musicians, Ensemble Culture of Peace, Stephan Charisius ( DUNDU).

If you wonder what is the name of that instrument, it's called Kora. And if you also wonder how does it sounds like, just listen to this link in which Stephan is playing with his Kora : http://www.charisius-on-kora.com/seelied.htm. And by the way Stephan, you have the most ravishing smile ever.

Martin Andersson was such an amazing artist as well. So was Mr Henning Zierock that I didn't manage to photograph since I was running back and forth to check on different stages as well.

Anyway, am just out of words because words can't simply describe how I felt and still feel towards great music, great vibes and inspirational people.

I have also met two Indian movie makers, Mr Shubhradeep Chakravorty and Mrs Meera Chaudhary. They were wonderful, but they owe us a lot of excuses, just like the rest of the artists/movie makers/actors...
Anyway, I guess am also out of energy to write. So I just need to finish up with some final words :

It was a pleasure meeting all of you people ! The bright side of the WSF is an unforgettable experience, I shall forever remember it.

Take care, y'all.



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