samedi 20 avril 2013

Highway to Sousse III

photos credit goes to myself, and to a bunch of my talented friends. 
So, spending some days away from the city and the usual college life have became a habit for most of us. This kind of gathering that we have named "Highway to ...." is an annual must-do.Moreover, this year's destination was Sousse (two hours away from Tunis). It was amazing and fun as usual. But in such times, when you're surrounded with friends and people who cares about you, you just wish to freeze the picture and keep living in that frame, without bordering it. Seeing that every one of them has a certain path to follow, and our paths might not cross again that reunion would be something we lust over for days, months, and years.
Anyway, I just wish all the best to each one of those crazy heads. They do deserve it. Hoping that we will meet and hang out and have fun and make a lot of noise together, one day, again.
All what remains is just beautiful memories...
Much love !


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