vendredi 15 mars 2013

Silly update

I was watching this movie (Accepted) a while ago, and they played Citizen Cope's song. It was one of those "Epiphany !" moments when you're looking for a tasty sequencing of specific motion picture/music/words combination. And you got it ! I know, most of you won't understand what the hell I am talking about.

Check this :

For instance, being on top of a building that allows you to admire such sight, with the right company (human : friend or whatever, objects : cigarettes,beverages, music, guitar...). That would be the perfect sequencing of motion pictures/music/words ever. 
Anyway, just popped in to write this kind of crap on this blog, and to sort of revive it again (it's been dead for a while). Am obviously dead as well, but still have some fingers to type with. Stress is being a major part of my life and I might possibly be the worst stress manager in the whole world. It makes me literally sick (like headaches, nausea, etc...). 
However, am sure I will survive and get back on track again (as I do deviate quite often lately). 

Thanks for dropping by peepz !

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