jeudi 7 février 2013

Wave form & ananda

  Manu Shrine - Wave form & Ananda   

Hey  peepz, 
so about the video : the artist is named Manu Shrine, and this video blends two of his fabulous songs. Actually, hearing Wave form and then Ananda is mesmerizing. Let alone listening to each song aside... Do give it a shot, it's like the perfect sounds for me right now. Quite garage/chill-step stuff. 

Now, few words about the pictures above. The portraits are my best friend's Salma. Unfortunately, she moved to France, for a few months. I don't have anyone to bug on, to tease, to have fun/hang out with, and mostly, enjoy staying with anymore. The idea itself of being left alone is terrifying. And by alone, I don't mean walking in the street alone, or staying somewhere alone. I don't mind having a coffee by myself for instance. But it's just unpleasant to think of someone that you might enjoy spending some time with, hearing about his/her news and sharing things together, and eventually, you come up with no one to call for such things. Or at least you don't have the guts to call other people you may know and actually like, but are not that close to you. 
As the old saying goes, what is left from great times are vivid memories. At least it's something to get yourself busy with, when it comes to thinking/being nostalgic/etc. 

A part from that people, as I do always say, take care of your beloved ones. Don't let them go too far from your sight.



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