lundi 7 janvier 2013


Some Trap music to go along with this...

I have submitted the pictures in a quite incoherent random manner, so do not pay much attention to that.
So, a brief summary would be more appealing than a long boring paragraph right ?

What is this  ? 

This is the forth day of an open strike, a sort of a collective student protest against the corruption of the university's administration headers.Bear in mind that students have courageously interrupted their exams in order to carry on this rebellion that promises to vanquish venality and such dishonest behaviors.

Why is this happening ? 

I've just mentioned it though. But in more plain words, we have been witnessing deficiency in pretty much everything at uni : starting from the administration to the practical courses that are supposed to help in building up and in sharpening the skills of the future engineer. Nonetheless, none of what we have expected since the very first moment we got into college happened, or even existed. So, to sum up :  when you try to solve a particular issue with a so-called superior/header/Student life/whatsoever director and you get  that very irresistible urge to punch him in the face with an iron chair...At the moment, you feel like you need a change. And it is happening, or at least...loading.

Going back on some photos to comment : I took some shots from the Freeze-mob that was prepared today by a bunch of creative students, some signs and significant quotes, and some revolted people.

What I have left to say is the following :
I might not be that person who screams his heart out while asking for his full rights as a student, for honesty, freedom and for a better academic environment. But I do support this movement, every single bit of it with any possible way am having on my mind. Because when you feel the amount of energy and power, rage and rebellion that shuffles inside of the students, who craves a change for a better future, you slightly start smiling and shout to the whole world : At least, this country is still in some good hands...

Cheers and power to the students !


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