dimanche 20 janvier 2013


Well hello peeps,

 I don't recall what was my latest blog-post about, but it doesn't matter as long as am writing a new one.
So, these photographs might basically resume my life for the past couple of weeks now.

I've been sewing, drawing, painting, reading and all day napping. I've also been invaded by permanent illness for past few days. First, it all started with some injuries on my left hand due to a small accident, at home. Then, two days later, my left leg couldn't wait to join the "left-part" army and get fucked up itself. I had no accident, I was just jogging, and bam ! It feels like there is an alien inside of my left knee right now, but anyway. I couldn't walk for days. However, now I can walk a few steps without jumping on one leg. And very recently, I've been suffering the consequences of another accident in which one of my siblings is involved in (my brother : he's fine, but everything else no).

So I really do admit that I had terrible things going in my life lately, and just to make myself feel even shittier, I caught a bloody cold, along with some unbearable other things, and am a lousy mess right now.

What have actually kept me alive were music, crafts, books, drawings, etc...
I don't know what else could I've done if I haven't got any of these out of my reach. I'd have gone mad...or in a coma. (joking of course).

Anyway, hoping that the next few days will be a little bit better than the previous ones.

Hope you're all are doing great.


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