samedi 24 novembre 2012


Oh crap ! I was trying something out but obviously I failed. Hell with that !

I forgot to share a picture that I've elaborated recently. It's a comic book inspired photography.

Now I've spent nearly an hour, trying to figure out a way to upload this picture. It seems like I'm out of storage space on my bloody Picasa web album. And if I delete some pics, they would be deleted from my blog posts. Unbelievable. Now am in rage. I don't want to shut down my ashrare (like I did for my Flickr because of a fucking storage capacity).
I just had to publish it on my Tumblr and then paste the URL. That is quite shitty though.

Anyway, if you, my dear readers, seems to have a rather good and free (can't pay for storage space, have no paypal/visa/mastercard) solution for this matter, please do e-mail me :

I am desperate.

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