mardi 6 novembre 2012

43 hours


               Deniro Farrar & Shady Blaze - 43 Hours In ft ST 2 Lettaz [Kill or Be Killed (2012)

Yay, me again ! Am back after an extended absence ( I was having my partial exams). But now am here again, to update more frequently,and to share some new music, photos and a lot of bed time stories.

Starting with music : (first track is quite random, but I like it a lot) 
I have a lot of things to recommend, from future garage to shoegaze, post rock, and experimental.
The first thing that I am going to talk about are three talented musician, that have litterally made my heart and soul melt when listening to their music : 


So far, I still ignore who is the very rare human being behind Liar, but I am quite sure that he/she's just a miracle. People who actually know me would notice that when I listen to music I deeply appreciate, I just become a very poetic/ethereal person, because it's the only thing that would ease my existence, right now.

So,as for Liar, I couldn't pick a particular song but I will choose one that makes me genuinely shiver.  

" Love hides in the strangest places..."

Second artist to recommend is :

Well Vali knows already how I feel about his music, haha. Vali Dragomir is the talented artist behind VILLAGE.When I listen to his music, I barely feel gravity. I rather float, levitate,and twist around even though it is but a hallucination. In other words, a "dope" music effect. So, I would thank you for existing, and for every moment you made me feel happy with your music.

What would I suggest ? Dive, of course ! 

                                                        VILLAGE- Dive 

And the third surprise is :  

Zaika is very different, dreamy, fairy and chill-out sounds. Mesmerizing is the right word. 


Just one last thing about music, because I figured out that I can't type anymore (I get tired so easily, daym).
Can you imagine a possible fusion between Zaika and Liar ? Well nuclear chain bombastic orgasmic reaction have actually happened : 

It is : 

p.s. just try to listen to these with good headset or a subwoofer, that would be 10000² time better.


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