samedi 6 octobre 2012

Tag der deutschen Sprache und Kultur

Today, the Goethe Institute of Tunis have hosted an event, in their backyard, under the name : " The German language and culture Day "

In fact, it was quite interesting and entertaining too ! They were giving, for free, books in German, magazines and so many nice stuff. A lot of interactive exercises, games, songs, movies,and so on. It was great to remember my few humble years, studying this language. Now, am quite determined to enroll in their next classes, soon enough. And what might have excited me more, is that a friend of mine, who have recently came back from Germany is just like : " You just have to go to Germany, you HAVE to !"
She was amazed, dazzled and completely willing to come back. So yeah, that have revived my spark.

 So as you can see, I got a lot of amazing books ! A rock music book \m/  and so many interesting stuff to read, or at least, try to. I also wrote that Schatzi word on a white board, just to remember my Tunisian and German friends that I miss so much :)

Greetings !

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