lundi 8 octobre 2012

Reviving the history at Neapolis

 That was the great adventure of the three of us : Médée (Chahra), La Nourrice (myself) and...another Médée (Salma). During this open days at Neapolis's archaeological site, we played a Greek tragedy called Medee.  We've been basically rehearsing and learning the script on our way to Neapolis. And that was the fatal mistake. We forgot the script during the play, and we had to catch each other when one forgets its lines...However, it was fun ! I knew that the costume wouldn't really look amazing with Ray-Ban sunglasses and a red school bag, but I gave it a try. The buffet and the roman dishes were great too. Yeah ! So that's pretty much it. It was a nice Sunday, an unusual one, let's say.

Greetings to everyone !

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