vendredi 5 octobre 2012

It's just another night

It's just another night during which I spend my time looking for orgasmic sounds...and their remixes.Whilst, some people are just mugging up and studying for the very up-coming partial exams (in 3 weeks), I am just chilling with a mug of tea and a cigarette. * no regrets*
Am more UK( garage, electronic, rock, break-beat) oriented when it's about music, this fall.

Track N° = 1 :

and the remix is (Boy Mix) :

Track N ° = 2 (which is the remix) : 

And the original track is : 

Track N° = 3 : 

Mixed version  : 

And this one got no remix, but it's just what I was exactly looking for : 

And finally, THIS is what I meant by saying orgasmic : 

I admit that I do have a sick/twisted musical taste, but I tend to like weird sounds/voices/electronic instruments. Yeah \m/ 

Okay, seriously, duty is calling. I just have to end this with a deep greeting to all of my visitors/readers.
Take care, people !

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