mardi 21 juin 2011

Sometimes,I can't believe myself

                                                               Niveau Zero- Live mix 

This have just made my day, as I have already encoutered several problems since the first second of my disturbed awake. These are some heavy dubstep tunes that are mainly influenced by Metal.Obviously because the guy behind Niveau Zero is a bass player (or at least used to be) and also, a harsh-vibes adorer. You can notice some metal riffs, noisy but delicious drum playing in most of his work. What may sound more interesting is that he is gonna give a gig in Tunis next Sunday (Oh boy, I can't wait to hear this dope out loud)

Moving on...

Have you ever considered the fact that you might wake up one day and you will not be able to...walk? Feeling as if some kind of steel or hard metal was implanted in your legs that you can't make any further move  ? Yeah,I have been there..."Made in China" legs? Probably.

Moving on...

Started feeling a quite huge distance between the me who is thinking and the me who is acting...
Started to believe that my body is just an interface.
Started to consider body exchange (if possible and permitted)
Started to hear specific words...probably words I don't want to hear.
Started to be absolutely found of my...nails
 Ended concluding that I desperately need to live in some place where all human feelings are...illegal (ring a bell? google Equilibrium)

Moving on...

Art features of the day :


Gehard Demetz Sculpture

Architecture & design : 

Pierre Stephane Dumas 


Giuseppe Petralia 


Christian Louboutin 

Oh fuck,am deteriorating. Am actually becoming a very good cooker these days too. I probably shouldn't be activating all of my keyboard's keys. . .

2 commentaires:

  1. The pictures are stunning! and these shoes are to die for

  2. Sorry for the late reply for your comment! The Barista's coffee is new coffee house in lac and it is pretty close to the brithis embassy. And i would love to go coffee with u in Queens!! btw, I live pretty close to the Queens coffee, so i go there almost everyday! :)


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