mercredi 1 juin 2011

about fashion bloggers/ out loud

Am basically thinking out loud,but before doing it :

I will first of all talk about fashion bloggers and what may push me to unfollow most of the blogs lately. I mean if fashion/blogging about fashion ,according to some of you ladies, is about :

- begging people to follow your updates,outfits and all the crappy crap that we might find in your blog (oh I hate the word "follow",it has such a bad connotation).How can this be even possible,let's say rational? Craving for attention,and begging for it. Oh man !

- Okay,I mean it is sort of "cool" to see everyone's daily outfit from all over the world,to get to know their personalities,mood and even more through some worth-reading posts.One thing that I might just describe it as lousy and irrelevant is the clothe's brand labeling.It is true that people would love to know from where you've got that skirt or that dress,but I despise indirect advertising (anyway...)

- Something else...If you're just a "stick to the latest trend"-babe,and wearing "clothes" (not any kind of clothes though) would mean nothing to you but putting something beautiful to look hot,then am sorry but I just have to unfollow. You have no story to tell,nothing interesting or impressive to share,just shallow lines and superficial yet fake identities...* shooting myself*

Thus,  you people are free to do what ever you wanna do as long as you're alive. Am the one who is gonna dismiss myself from your spot.

 moving on...

One of my major source of disturbance lately is my brain. When I sleep,I keep hearing voices : familiar ones,non-familiar one,odd ones,etc... It seems that it's impossible to fucking shut them up all. I get this parasites until I finally fall asleep,after an inner fight with my own capacities (WTH)

I hope am not the only one who is hearing such things frequently.

1 commentaire:

  1. Ugh the whole 'follow me!' 'comment on me!' thing drives me crazy. Blogging has become such a popularity contest, it's embarrassing. I've never actively sought out new followers, I just blog and let people who like me find me by themselves.

    The voices are normal, just different parts of your brain speaking to you, don't worry :)


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