samedi 11 juin 2011


Never under estimate yourself, your strength lies in your obvious weakness.
Never under estimate yourself,because you can't imagine how powerful you become when you actually need (not want) to be.
I personally surprise myself with my variable facets, from weak and powerless to strong and challenging. You can be whoever you wanna be,whenever you need to be.
I support myself when I need to be strong, I comfort myself when I feel so down. I share everything with myself, I don't feel that am living alone in this life,even when am realistically by my own.
Never under estimate yourself, cause sometimes,you may find no one to stand for you,protect you,but yourself.
Never under estimate,your potential,your aesthetics and intelligence.
You might walk and wander around;breathing,seeing,tasting, lucky can you,living people, be in times where illness and disease,injustice and oppression, destruction and damage are invading the world in a quite noticeable velocity ?
Never get ashamed of showing how you feel,how much you are scared,how much you can stand in a world where no one would think for the "greater good".
I woke up wondering,how much am I gonna last ? Moreover,how much will I discover,see,recognize and acknowledge ?  How much am I gonna learn from all of this ?

People dies every second...stars too.

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