vendredi 1 avril 2011

Meadham Kirchhoff spring summer-2011


Let's see...the catwalk is ornate with flowers and plants going from bright pink till tender violet.Doesn't it look like a heavenly-Pitter Pan in Wonderland-wood?
Now,what about the head-wears,the red touches, the innocent look and the fluttery dresses? I would go for a "Metamorphosed red riding hood".
I guess Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff would agree with me.However, their quote must be added in the following lines: "Uncompromising, aware and individual"
This is how the talented designers of  "Meadham Kirchhoff" label the women that represents best their collections. 
A lot of reflections have crossed my visions about this spring-summer collection:
Starting with the palette of colours which includes mainly : black,white,yellow,red,military green. What I can describe as genuine and yet authentic is the printed t-shirts and the black muslin skirt accompanied with a nice tailored collar.
In addition,I may refer to the "Gothic lolita" touches in this collection that are utterly shown in the combination of socks and sandals, fluttery dresses,coloured hair...
Finally,I congratulate them for this amazing work knowing that I have felt in love with their previous A/W collection.

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