jeudi 28 avril 2011

It feels good to stay away from you

I haven't attended any lectures today and am quite glad I didn't. You know why ?
No matter how interesting these given courses are,I would rather (from time to time,not on a daily basis) stay away from everything / everyone (including you,yes), and put myself together,organise my ideas and my future projects. So,let's see what I have done today :
I have been jumping in water with my new high heeled pumps.

 and "walking" my scarf  in the "roof" :

and finally starting a new drawing(first stage, it's not finished yet).It feels terribly good to get back to my old habits like drawing and painting.I sort of felt that something have been revived again in my body.I had a moment of perfection.It is beyond wonderful.Thank you my Hb=2 pencil :


 These shots aren't that recent but I took them 2 weeks ago :

Greetings everyone !
(Model & Photo: myself)

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