dimanche 6 mars 2011



Had a very rough day,yesterday.So now,I might just refresh my mind and reinitialise it to the worst. I thought my camera was fixed and ready to be working again.But it wasn't,I mean it was pretty much in a better way before I get it fixed.Now it's screwed up: shutter button is stuck,battery entry is fucked,so does the memory card's...What can I do to the man who supposedly said that he could fix it in the first place? 
God,I have never needed my camera as much as I did these past few weeks.How can I survive without it?
I don't know why I have been refusing to buy a new one.The fact of simply abandoning  it and getting a new camera seems so hard for me to take it into consideration. I kept staring at it,trying to fix it myself...Am still trying by my one,maybe I will,and maybe I won't...Being optimistic is my only choice.

However,these are old shots,took a month ago. I have read a very interesting book about colours and textures,and it somehow changed my shaded view.Since then,I haven't been seeing things,I have been seeing textures...

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