mercredi 16 mars 2011

Jam Session 2011-I.N.S.A.T


-What does a Jam session in your college looks like ?
-- Pretty much like ...Oh my, look at that spider in the top left corner !


-And hum...who is exactly that person? He seems like he is  taking control of everything in this hall,isn't he?
--Dude! That's A.M ! How come you don't know him ? I mean A.M is a multifunctional organism, talents-collector and a super-duper amazing head-banger.He used to perform Iron Maiden covers.Can you believe it? That's my killer guy.
-All right,now you sound gay...
-- *blushes*


-What kind of songs will they play?
--Well, great and catchy sonorities mostly ; from Black Sabbath to Michael Jackson and passing by Arabic songs.Dude this is your lucky day ! 


-- Hey! How did it go? Have you had fun?
-Yeah, it know...sorry I gotta answer my phone...


Honestly,I haven't seen any performance during this year's Jam Session,that's why I was making up this whole conversation. I had the chance to take these shots during their rehearsals.I feel a bit stupid that I've missed it and went somewhere else instead of watching these guys and evaluating local talents while I got the opportunity to do so. But I never cease the right occasion.
Nevertheless, It seems that it went very well .I was according high expectations to the members of "Club ciné-radio" and they did as great as I imagined. I mean I never thought that the stage would look that cool in the first place,let alone the music,the lights,the scheduling,etc... 
It's a belated report,but it's better done now than never. I salute you guys (y)

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