lundi 28 mars 2011

Here is a true story about :Nedra Jouini

Since late June 2010,at 1pm exactly,I have decided to care about the rest of the world.
Back in 2010,I remember being the most self-confident and selfish creature on planet earth. But as I have spent 18 years building this self-confidence and self-esteem,it have been dramatically ruined within a second,before I could catch my breath,before I could even wink.Denying the bitterness of that moment would be a big great lie.But here is a fact: I have learnt something valuable : never raise a high self-confidence because one day ,it may betray you.
Anyway,this is not what am aiming to.My point is that starting to see the world differently is a bless. I somehow started to want to make a difference, to change what is able and ready for a change,to save what is left.
This year,I have met a lot of new people.Each one reflects generously its future vision on my retina. In fact,I have tried to "read" their minds,for futuristic thoughts, and thank God I wasn't disappointed at all. They were as fruitful as I hoped they would be. Nevertheless, what might concern myself and some conscious minds comes in such terms: What about the rest? Yes,what about them?
I mean,you can't live in a monotone life; pure good or pure evil (well,that might interests me :D)
since am not allowed to break the natural balance of the way life goes.But those who have high qualifications and bright potential which aren't properly used.What about them?
That part of society needs and electroshock! Ey naam,an electroshock!I have been seeing extremely intelligent,smart,talented,good-looking,open-minded,...(infinite connotative adjectives) who are unconsciously neglecting their future,and obviously their studies.Those who are supposed to give a big lift to this country so it would leap again.
For instance,who don't want to have loads of fun and hang out with friends all day long? No one (I sometimes do __").However,things aren't supposed to take this turn.I don't want to take control of everything,nor making sure that everything should be perfect,nor sounding like your mum talking.No! All I want is to see fructiferous future projections on my retina most of time.Would you blame me for that? No!
Wake up people,and contribute to raise social awareness. In other words,take responsibility of your own actions.The others are expecting a whole new generation who will save this country from the clutch of misery. Please don't fail them.Let's just make it happen.
I used to be one of you...Now,I care about you all.

P.S. every human being (cute aliens are welcome too) who might have read this entirely, and need some help (any possible kind of help,even make-up tips :D) so they can use it for a good reason is more than welcome to contact me.I would be delighted to do so.

Model: Salma El Euch
photo & styling: me
thanks Chacha for helping
" What can you tell us about...the future?
Am carrying very blinded visions"

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  1. You help me a lot as it is. I ask nothing of you but your love and friendship. =)


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