mercredi 3 septembre 2014

A January-May overview- Lake Havasu, AZ

Hello Loves,

It is officially back to school season! Excited, anyone? That's what I thought. I am personally not that eager to go back to my daily college life; lectures, lab work, coffees with friends in between, late afternoon outdoor hanging out, hustle and bustle of the city life and what goes with it from ground transportation until the beautiful sunset that I foresee whenever I get to my house. Topping all of that with a blissful cig-tea time on my rooftop to end the busy day. It actually seems quite interesting when I describe it this way, however, I think I do have September blues these days ; not feeling like doing anything at all.

Even though, my to-do-lists are growing longer and I didn't start to tick the tasks yet. As always, I will pull my rubbish together and enjoy my favorite the month the way I have always done it : plenty of photo-shoots and location scouting, beach picnic, new room decor and wardrobe organization, cutting my hair and starting a new eating diet.

A small flashback to these glorious days in Havasu. It was epic!

I am also taking this opportunity to not only show some of my past Spring break pictures in Lake Havasu Arizona, but also to share my favorite music of the month. I will include in another whole post my favorites things/wish-list/top-finds/clothing items/art/music/anything that I fell in love with lately.

So stay tuned!


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