mercredi 18 avril 2012

Random music entry

" Overwhelming is the feeling of swimming in a sea without knowing its depth. 
 Frustrating is the feeling of  cherishing a marble wall. 
Intriguing is the fact that we're born to misunderstand the opposite sex. "

In this right instant, I wish I was sitting in front of that guy, under that tree, listening to his play and only that...

Anyway... Check this out : 

Am gonna give it a try and answer some of those : 

1/ three favorite movies : Stay, My own private Idaho, Melancholia 

2/ I don't like drugs...

3/ A sexual fantasy...(will be answered privately)

4/ I wanna fuck Heath Ledger (but he is dead, too bad), marry Ryan Gosling and kill Justin Bieber. 

5/ Quotation ? that's gonna be in my dialect, you won't get it anyway.

6/ ...

7/ What have turned me on lately is a gentleman saying : " You'd look hot in black lingerie" 

8/ Blackmill, Low, Anathema, Ayreon, Burial.

9/ I fear cats/dogs and I enjoy licking lollipops. 


11/ Mexico 

12/ Perfect date ? On a very high building's roof, with a guitar, cigarettes and some drinks. 

13/ Superpower...being invisible 

14/ I don't drink

15/ haha, I'll keep that for myself

16/ What I currently don't like is the weather.

17/ I won't, I love my name. 

18/ white chocolate

Cheers guys !
much love 

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