mardi 10 janvier 2012


Let me start this entry with some good news (at least for some people who care ) :

A species of giant tortoise believed extinct for 150 years was actually just moved from its original home and now lives on the volcanic slopes of the northern shore of Isabela Island in the Galapagos archipelago."
  • A giant Galapagos tortoise, made famous by Darwin and thought to be extinct, still exists on a 
  • remote tropical island.
  • Genetic analysis found that hybrids resulted from matings between the "extinct" tortoise and 
  • another species.
  • This is the first time that a species has been rediscovered using genetic footprint tracking.  

Source : 

And forget to mention, that speaking of Galapagos Archipelago, am gonna spend my honey moon there (hopefully and if I get the visa).
Now, this kind of specie have drained my attention, as am raising a small little Mauresque turtle. They are such scared little creatures, but deep inside,they are enormously brave (mine dared to climb a very thorny tree).
Anyway, moving on to the fashion industry, as I haven't took a look at the spring-summer collection of 2012 yet, am gonna feature most of the remarkable creations.

Miu Miu : 

A mixture of kitschy yet authentic prints and textures gives this fairy tale inspired look a 4th dimension.

Alexander McQueen : 

Well you know, God save McQueen (rest in peace, champ)

Céline :

Gently badass. 

Chloé : 

Very Parisienne !

Comme Des Garçons : 

Dries Van Noten : 

Elie Tahari : 

Givenchy : 

And something else :
 I have been so proud of what a Tunisian model have accomplished so far.Maybe some of you have heard of Hanaa Ben Abdesslam.She is the new icon for Lancôme. How amazing is that !

Now I gotta close this entry, someone is telling me fascinating vampire stories related to a video game.Will be updating much more this week ! 
Greetings to you all !

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