lundi 23 janvier 2012

I was fine


I was really okay, until...
Oh hell with that and the reason behind it.People are dying every second, I should save some souls as long as I can. I have been recently acquainted to a foreigner someone who is mature and old enough to manage his own life.But he can't seem to live it anymore.Just existing, following the current, reached a desperate level and attempting to end his own life as he has no reason to pursue it. These kind of things make of me a stronger person for those who need me,so I could be the lonely hand of help he's got. It's so damn sad to hear such things as I've been saying to myself : " Do these kind of people really exist ? Because I've only seen those in movies".

* am hearing some knocking on the floor*

answering : 

- Feel free to appear ! Am not scared !

Anyway, what am I doing in those photos ? Nothing, I've been quite bored, had a lot of free time, so it went that way. 
And someone, who is alien like, needs to mail me his head soon enough.He got threee, can you picture that ?

I can !

3 commentaires:

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