samedi 19 novembre 2011

Widow's weed

" Tearfull she dance,

into this nightfall I behold "  

" So grievous through the night she calls
the beauty I once lost
I mourn thee my beloved " 

Beyond the veils of dawn

from where she Siren calls " 

Widow's weed...
It all started from a random shoot. I thought it was high time to made something, anything...I decided to go a bit dark, illustrating a blend of Morticia, Luisa Casati and an obviously widowed Alice. Sheima, the model, is having the most adequate profile for this multiple role playing : Dreamy and phantasmagoric at a time, cruel ,enigmatic yet frightened at another. 

 However, moving on to what seems to be the most important part about these photographs.
I suddenly remembered my former high school Arabic teacher's sayings when he criticized my photos (years ago) and said :
 " You can always perceive a new and completely different meaning of your photographs, even hundred years later after taking them "

Now it makes perfect sense. He's damn right, even though he've always been such a pain in the *bip*.

Being nostalgic these days have sort of helped me gain new visions : some of them are actually old, and the rest have always been existent, but now they're aging.All of this blah just to conclude that these pictures are made to embrace Tristania's Widow's Weed album : perfect mood, lyrics, sororities...As I personally embraced every musical note of theirs,every enchanting line, verse, idea...Ah, that was years ago. A remake of the past ? Let's say just a hint...

Yet, am still gonna make you hear this following enormous masterpiece :
(Sounds might frighten those who are used to calm/peaceful music)

It's just...orgasmic (she 'll prove it, just listen) 

Many thanks to Sheima, Amin, Dhia.I wouldn't have been writing this without your help in the set. Much appreciated. 

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